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Clipsal C-Bus Touchscreens, PAC & Wiser 2 Compared.

Which Clipsal C-Bus home controllers should I enjoy in my automation home?

Choose the home automation controllers that best suit your needs using the below comparison table. In overview, C-Bus home automation controllers are available in three forms:

  • C-Bus Touchcreen Controllers which comprise a wall-mounted touch screen and a C-Bus home automation controller with a wired C-Bus interface - these are not just touch screens.
  • The Pascal Automation Controller is a C-Bus home automation controller with a wired C-Bus interface, but without any graphic user interface.
  • The Wiser 2 Home Controller is a C-Bus home automation controller with wired C-Bus interface that supports a widget-based graphic user interface when accessed from PCs, smart phones and Internet tablets.

A home with C-Bus home automation should include at least one of the above home automation controllers. Most Clever Home automation projects will include two different types of controllers to support the types of user interfaces desired by the home owner, and we program the multiple home automation controllers to work together. It is also common to use multiple touch screen controllers in a single home. C-Bus home controllers with support from Clever Home offer benefits that may include:
  • Intuitive graphic home automation user interfaces on touchscreens, or on your Internet web browsing devices.
  • Beautiful touchscreen fascias to match C-Bus wall switch styles, including glass Saturn and stainless steel.
  • Support for a large number of home automation Schedules and Scenes (lists of actions to perform).
  • Versatile Logic Engine support using Pascal programming, for active occupancy support, for example.
  • LAN or USB interfaces for your PC for reprogramming your C-Bus system and your controller.
  • RS232 ports for interfacing to third party home automation equipment.

Clipsal C-Bus Automation Controllers C-Touch B&W MkII Touchscreen C-Touch Spectrum Touchscreen C-Touch Colour Touchscreen PAC (Pascal Automation Controller) Wiser 2 Home Controller
User Interface Features
How to Install in Your Home Flush in-wall or free-standing on bedside table or desktop Flush in-wall or free-standing on bedside table or desktop Semi-flush in-wall (for increased ventilation) DIN bracket mount in DIN cabinet On-wall or free-standing on desktop
Display Resolution (Pixels) 320 wide
240 high
320 wide
240 high
640 wide
480 high
On PC screen using PICED for testing only Skin dependant, using your web browsing device screen.
Display Colours Black & White 65000 colours 16 Million colours For testing only 16 Million colours
Proximity Sensor No Yes No Not applicable Not applicable
Elegant Fascias Matching C-Bus Switch Styles Saturn glass, stainless steel, or Neo styles Saturn glass, stainless steel, or Neo styles Saturn glass, stainless steel, or Neo styles Not applicable Not applicable
Custom Graphics Support Floor plans, custom styles & interface Floor plans, custom styles & interface Floor plans, custom styles & interface For testing only Select from different Skins
Widgets No, custom graphics No, custom graphics No, custom graphics No Yes
Animated Graphics No No Yes For testing only No
Translucent Alpha Blending Graphics No No Yes For testing only No (testing only)
Web Camera
No No Yes For testing only Yes, using Widget
Web Page HTML
No No Yes For testing only No
Graphs No No Yes For testing only No
Programming Features
Logic Engine Optional Optional Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Watering Support Schedules and Logic Engine Schedules and Logic Engine Special Irrigation Control Schedules and Logic Engine Schedules and Logic Engine
Heating Cooling HVAC Application Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daylight Savings Time Changes Using 2 Schedules Using 2 Schedules Automatic Using 2 Schedules Using 2 Schedules
Run Programs No No WAV files only No No
Event Logging No No Yes For testing only For testing only
Electrical Connections
How To Power Your C-Bus Controller Standard C-Bus power supplies over C-Bus cable Standard C-Bus power supplies over C-Bus cable 5100P24/2700AU Power supply up to 20m from screen for Version 3 C-Touch Standard C-Bus power supplies over C-Bus cable, plus plug pack for RS232 if used Plug pack power supply nearby (included)
LAN port for PC connection over Cat5e/6 cabling Use USB instead Use USB instead Yes, at rear, for programming touch screen but not C-Bus Use USB instead Yes, and WiFi, for programming Wiser 2 and C-Bus.
USB port for PC connection over short USB cable: Location and Function Behind easily removable front fascia, for programming touch screen and C-Bus Behind easily removable front fascia, for programming touch screen and C-Bus Use LAN instead On front of PAC, for programming PAC and C-Bus Use LAN instead
RS-232 serial port for third-party device interface Optional, rear of touch screen using C-Touch RS-232 Cable Optional, rear of touch screen using C-Touch RS-232 Cable Rear of touch screen using 9-pin D connector Side of PAC using 8-pin RJ45 connectors No
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